Somerset and Dorset Folk Diary

Regular Events, Sessions, Clubs and Choirs

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Here you can find information about regular sessions, singarounds, folk and dance clubs and community or folk choirs.

Please note that, although people are usually very good at letting me know if a new session starts up, the same is not always the case if something stops! Please check before making a special journey.

In particular, if an entry has a warning that the information is unreliable, this means I've not had any confirmation of the details for at least six months.

Music sessions. Usually for joining in with. May include some singing but the emphasis is on instrumental music.

Singarounds. Similar to sessions, but with the emphais on songs.

Folk Clubs. Usually concert style, often with guest performers. May be opportunities for floor singers but most people will be there to listen (and join in with choruses).

Dance Clubs. Covers all social folk dancing. Dance groups where the emphasis is on performance (such as morris teams) hve their own listings here.

Folk or community choirs. Some of these groups do perform in public but others just get together for the joy of singing. It is also worth checking the main listings as there are often series of workshops running which cover similar material.

Search. The search page enables you to narrow down the search to, for instance, a specific area. Warning. It is not very sophisticated!